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Request to order bypass

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I’m sure there are many reasons sellers appreciate the request to order feature but I’d imagine one of them is to gauge whether the buyer is someone they want to work with before the order starts.

As such, it would be helpful if there was a way of enabling a bypass to the request to order feature. For example, if I have a buyer I’ve worked with many times that provides clear briefs and is a just generally a joy to work with, I don’t need to vet them before they place an order.

There are a lot of ways this could be bypassed. The seller could have a trusted list of buyers or perhaps there could be an option that allows repeat buyers to bypass the request to order feature. It could also be done the other way around. For example, alongside the “block” button, a seller could have the option to make it so that buyer specifically can’t place an order and must message first.

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