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22 minutes ago, muhammadburhanz said:

Can anyone tell us what are the main factors that play an important role in getting a TRS Level Badge?


Just from personal experience, since I don't have this badge, I know what has prevented me from getting the TRS badge even though I've met all the requirements that are listed on our Analytics page.

...there are quite a few hidden metrics that I haven't been able to hit (and may never be able to hit because I'm a low-volume seller):

1. One cancelation affected my Buyer Satisfaction Rate (BSR) - most likely this was a negative private review, which none of us can see. Because of this cancelation, even though my stats were all in green, I was told by my success manager that I wouldn't be considered for TRS for a minimum of three months (Fiverr wants to see improvement over time). My order cancelation rate was at 98%, everything else was at 100%. This ended up being longer because...

2. My Fiverr account got hacked and the hacker shut down my account. This caused all of my orders in queue to be canceled, which demoted my account to a Level 1 for four days (until CS could fix my order completion rate and restore my account). Even though all my stats were restored to 100%, I lost eligibility to Seller Plus for a month and several months later, I also lost the Early Payout feature as a Seller Plus member. CS attributed it to a performance issue. When I questioned my success manager about it, she told me that my BSR was awesome, but there were other hidden quality metrics that were affected by my account shut down.

I now have the Early Payout feature again, so it's a good sign that my hidden quality metrics are better. I really don't worry too much about the badge because I know that one little issue can knock me out of the running for 3-6 months (or even longer). If the badge comes, I would love to have it.  😍

But if not, I'm not worried. My Fiverr business is doing really well and my prices are already higher than what TRS and Pros are charging in my category. I have the best group of clients to work with since I've started and I have many plans to keep on improving my services so that I can help them better.

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