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Request for Multi-User Access Feature for Fiverr Pro Verified Sellers

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Hello Team Fiverr,

I hope this message finds you well. My name is Danish Raja, and I am a proud and active seller of Fiverr, holding the esteemed status of a pro-verified seller. I have been privileged to serve numerous clients on the platform and have experienced firsthand the growth and development of Fiverr over the years.

I am writing to propose a valuable feature addition that could significantly enhance the user experience for pro-verified sellers like myself and potentially contribute to the platform's overall success. The feature I am recommending is a "Multi-User Access" capability, which would allow Pro sellers to add staff members to their Fiverr profiles with specific permissions and role-based access.

Here are the key aspects and benefits of this proposed feature:

Efficient Collaboration: Pro-verified sellers often work with teams or assistants who help manage various aspects of their business. The ability to add staff members to our profiles would streamline collaboration and improve efficiency.

Controlled Access: Similar to Shopify's staff accounts, this feature would grant us the ability to define the level of access and permissions for each staff member. For example, we could specify whether a staff member can access the order section for a specific gig service, inbox communication, or other areas of our profile.

Enhanced Productivity: By delegating specific tasks to staff members with the appropriate permissions, Pro sellers can focus on their core expertise and provide even better service to their clients.

Scalability: As our businesses grow, the ability to add and manage staff members becomes increasingly important. This feature would cater to the scalability needs of Pro sellers.

Competitive Edge: Fiverr has always strived to offer innovative solutions for freelancers, and this feature would set Fiverr apart as a platform that understands and supports the diverse needs of Pro sellers.

I believe that introducing a "Multi-User Access" feature for pro-verified sellers would not only make our experience on the platform more efficient but also empower us to offer an even higher level of service to our clients.

I kindly request that you consider this proposal seriously and evaluate the feasibility of implementing such a feature. I am confident that it would be a valuable addition to the Fiverr ecosystem and would be warmly welcomed by Pro sellers.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the potential growth and improvements this feature could bring to Fiverr and its dedicated Pro sellers.

Warm regards,

Danish Raja | ProCommerce

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