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Seller Fund poof gone


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ok has anybody had this happen to them?  i was looking for someone that could get my campaine birthday surprise going. It was suppost to be a surprize for a friend for his birthdayin sept i was going to raise funds for his plane ticket and hotel stay here in canada. I contacted a seller that i thought could do the job after seeing their reviews.  Anyway contacted the seller named [username removed] i explained what i need and could we get started. it was still early in the campaine. We did a few changes. their last post for me was one Aug 19th and on Aug 22nd before i could respond pooof gone. i guess i should have been more careful.

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hay guys question. does fiverr really work or is it just wishfull thinking on my part that when you contact a seller who you think that can do the job. you contact them they say they can do the job but weeks and weeks and weeks turned into 2 months later and no donations at all. i thought when cantacting 

[Username removed] he would be able to help me raise donations for my trip next year so that i can start plaining. well it looking like its not happening. yet hes helping a new person that he been working with and within 3 weeks hes helped this person get donations.

am i just picking to wrong person or does the sellers really work on fiverr? oris it just me

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I'm sorry to hear your frustrating experience on Fiverr. It's disheartening when expectation are not make specially when it involves an important goal like fundraising for a trip. 
I believe fiverr can be a valuable platform but likely any platform this experience can vary greatly depending on the specific seller. It;s possible you may have encountered a seller who was not able t deliver on their promises and it's unfortunate that it has not resulted the expected outcome.    

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