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Fiverr flagged my account for alleged fake reviews and restricted it, despite my non-involvement in such activity.


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Fiverr recently flagged my account due to suspicions of fake reviews, which led to my account being restricted. However, I want to clarify that I haven't engaged in any dishonest activities. All of my reviews are genuine, and I've successfully completed over 20,000 orders on Fiverr.

I'm wondering if anyone else has experienced a similar situation, where their account was flagged without a valid reason. It's disheartening because I've dedicated 12 years to working on Fiverr, and my account was restricted within a minute without proper explanation. Despite my efforts to communicate and explain that my reviews are legitimate, Fiverr hasn't provided any evidence of the alleged fake reviews.

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SOMe of the seller who seek to have fake review, start by creating a pseudo buyer's account, but from reputable sellers to build their profile reputation, before turning to their own profile that they want to promote with fake gigs. Unfortunately, their are caught and their previous sellers are affected, and that's where your warning comes from

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