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Account warning triggered by a false alarm


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I'm a seller on Fiverr since 2012, where I'm offering content writing services for clients. One month ago, my gig promotion feature got unqualified and my gigs were moved to the last page of search results. This has happened quite a few times, and it eventually returns back after a couple of months.

During such times, I get orders from my regular clients on Fiverr. Most of them don't leave any reviews , but they continue to place orders. Its completely fine with me and I have never insisted them to leave reviews as well.

Two months ago I found a client who places around 5 orders per day at least 3-4 days a week. He places the orders directly on my gig and leaves a lengthy review upon completion. Since my gigs have moved to the last page, this is the only client who gives me reviews as of now.

Three days ago I received an account warning from Fiverr, stating that I am trying to manipulate the feedback system. I have never attempted anything like that and I have never even discussed about reviews with any of the clients. I believe that Fiverr automatically triggered a false alarm because one client continues to leave reviews under my gig with legitimate orders. (He left around 30 reviews during the past week and he was the only buyer to do it).

I escalated this concern to customer support. They sent a common template answer stating that system has detected that I have violated the feedback system etc. I sent a reply to it, asking them to carefully check all my orders since all of them are legitimate. It has been two days since this message and nobody from customer support replied to it.

What can I do now?

Should I ask that buyer not to buy my gig anymore? Or is there someone else where I can escalate this issue?

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I saw the review and I understand why Fiverr considered your clients review as a review manipulation because it's the same text. It's a kind of copy paste review. 

If I were you, I would explain to the buyer that you got warning from this kind of review. If you find that the buyer is a bit difficult, you can stop to work with him. You should find a better way to explain it to CS.

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Hi @trevis24 - you might want to do milestones orders or custom weekly orders if the customer is ordering that much - as a buyer, I wouldn't want to leave 20 unique reviews each week (mine start looking the same after 4-6 reviews). Try to find ways to make it easier on your buyer.

I have a similar buyer that I can trust (so I do deliveries in the order chats throughout the week and the final delivery at the end of the week). Neither of us likes the milestones or subscription orders, so I just generate weekly custom offers for the buyer. Even then, his weekly reviews are starting to look all the same so I might go to bi-weekly orders instead.

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Hi there, you shouldn't worry too much about it. If it's something automated someone from support will check your activity and the buyer's activity and after they see that everything is legit the warning most likely is going to be removed. Please allow support a few more hours to respond, usually, they are very busy ( If you are a member of Seller plus you should have priority when submitting a support ticket, I am not sure if it's your case or not )

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1 hour ago, cre8iveartwork said:

it has absolutely nothing to do with it 

I think he will lost his level if he recently got a warning. Every Level has 30 Day no Warning for ToS requirement. If he got a warning then he must have lost his Level Badge.

I am not sure about this but I can see it on my Requirements 🤔

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