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So, how long did it take to get your first "among my clients" approved?


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11 hours ago, mandyzines said:

I'm not even sure what metrics I hit to unlock that world. I threw a little party, got all excited, then immediately dug through my orders and made submissions. It's been kind of like hurry-up-and-wait feeling.

It's been a month now.

3 of my clients took 2 months to get them approved while I have added 1 more client and it's been a week that it's still not approved. It will take months I guess. 

Just add your clients in the list and then forget it lol. Eventually they will be approved.

Hope for the Best! ✌️

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Hi @mandyzines,

My first Top Client took 3 weeks to get approved. Around the same time, I submitted two more Top Clients that were in Pending Status for over a year. When Fiverr changed the requirements for Top Clients earlier this year, I reached out to them on these two clients. CS told me to delete them because neither of them were on Fiverr's list of top clients.

Last week I submitted 2 Top Clients (I accidentally sent the first one back into "pending" status after changing one verb that was annoying me for the past year and a half). I immediately reached on to my success manager for help (she told me she could "push" it along). A few days later, both clients were approved as Top Clients.

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