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Buyer wants to cancel the order after 45 days of my work 😧



I've built a Services Booking App for the buyer now he is asking me to cancel the order only because he thinks that I am the one who will upload his listings and categories to the app. I have already given the files as he wanted. but he said this is just a template having my logo and how this took you 45 days 😧.

I worked overnights to make the UX design functional and created Custom APIs to link the App with the Website and Admin Panel.

Now he saying that he is not satisfied. please give me a suggestion. What should I do?

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You could show him all the parts you wrote and all the work you did (explaining to him what you did), to help prove to him all the work you put into it.

You could also speak to CS about it if you create a support ticket, if that would help.

In future, if something will take 45 days it would probably be better to use milestones so you won't lose 45 days of work if it gets cancelled.

You could think about whether to upload the listings and categories if it wouldn't take a lot of work/time but then they might start asking for even more things to be done that weren't asked for originally.

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