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Why Any One Dont Need My Gigs & My Service :'(


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I went and checked out some of your gigs. First of all, a few of them are redundant. I would recommend consolidating them - since you aren’t a level seller yet you’re unable to utilize gig extras. But since you’re really looking for sales, include things like “intro with flares” in your other intro gig. Also I personally was interested in your antivirus activation gig. However upon looking at it further, I know that I could get a lot of those programs for free. I would certainly delete any programs from your list that someone could get for free online. Why should they pay you for something like that?

And as overall advice, it’s not very smart to complain about not getting sales on the forums. Buyers so frequent the forum and if they see you complaining that you never get sales, that’s not very professional and that might not be someone that they want to work with.

Use social media marketing, respond to questions on the forums, make appropriate discussion threads on the forums… you’ll get noticed.

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