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Please add Revolut as Withdrawal Provider

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For your average European seller, a $100 Fiverr earning equals €33 real income. How is this possible?

- 20% Fiverr fees
- 2% Deduction Payoneer for Transfer or Exchange or
   3.5% Paypal fee for USD / EUR conversion
- USD / EUR arbitrage loss aprox. 10%

33.5 % is lost by the time funds arrive at the local bank account. Of what is left, aprox. 50% is deducted by social security and income tax. By the time we Europeans go shopping, 100 USD Fiverr earnings has been reduced to 33 Euros. That's about 1/3 of what we make as freelancers and amounts to a 66% effective deduction. 

$100 Fiverr Earnings = €33 real income 

Certain deductions cannot be changed. But I think its time that Fiverr give us a better way to transfer money, so at least we are not burdened by excessive currency conversion fees. Paypal has the worst currency rates in the industry. Payoneer gets you when you convert or when you transfer USD to USD (as then they charge a fee). 

Fiverr could introduce a currency hedging and arbitrage system that would fairly spread currency risk across all parties including buyers, sellers and Fiverr. Since Fiverr is not a financial institution with arbitrage expertise, we can assume this will not happen in the near future...

...but please at least add the Freelancer Bank Revolut as a possible withdrawal bank directly in Fiverr - at least do so for EU citizens; it would greatly benefit most of us EU Freelancers, as we are dealing with very hard and burdensome USD > EUR conversion losses. Most other international countries (like the Asian or American continent) have no issues, because their currency is either denominated in or pegged to the dollar. Not so Europe / UK. We carry the full burden as a result of conversion loss.


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