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Today I published my first gig on fiverr!


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13 hours ago, imtiaz1123 said:

with due respect, please help me out and give me guidance for the improving my gig impressions and performance. 
Thanks in advance for your consideration.
kind Regards,
Imtiaz hussain

Make attractive gig images, Show your portfolio, Provide unique services and write killing description.

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Since the platform is growing there is now more specialization in the gig metadata. So really select the type of industry/industries you focus on. I assume you will mainly appear based on that. For example if your gig is offering ´marketing´ and you select ´beauty´ then probably you appear only in marketing for beauty and nothing else. Sometimes you can just select 2 niches, so you can frequently update if you are actually active in 5 niches. Goodluck and have fun! 🙂  

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