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Fiverr withdraw issue with payoneer


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Hello there,

How are you today all?  I have withdrawn my money on fiverr to my payoneer account on August 14. but not received at all even though I have waited for 3 days.

I have contacted to the payoneer live chat support. they said there is no payoneer transaction on August 14 to my account.

and then the payoneer team asked to make the fiverr support team to call them to solve this issue.

The fiverr support has only ticket system to contact them. it 's very poor.  there is not at least one response a day.

How can I solve my withdraw issue? 



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I totally understand your frustration with this situation. I had a similar experience once, and it can be really unsettling when you're waiting for your money to come through. Since Payoneer has already confirmed that there was no transaction on their end, it's likely that the issue lies with the Fiverr side of things.

You've taken the right step by reaching out to Fiverr support. I know their response time can sometimes be slow, but I'd recommend keeping patience and staying persistent. The ticket system might not be the most ideal, but it's the channel they provide for these situations.

I would suggest continuing to follow up with Fiverr's support team regarding the withdrawal issue. It's their responsibility to investigate and resolve these types of problems. They might need some time to look into it, especially if there's a technical glitch or delay on their end. Keep an eye on your communication with them and make sure to provide any necessary information they might request.

In the meantime, just hang in there and give them a chance to address the issue. I know waiting can be tough, but hopefully, this will be sorted out soon. Remember, situations like this can happen occasionally, but both Fiverr and Payoneer are reputable platforms, so they should be committed to resolving the problem.

Stay positive and keep reaching out to Fiverr's customer support for updates. I hope your issue gets resolved swiftly!

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Fiverr support is very poor. They didn't solve my withdraw issue and didn't respond at all.

When I contact with one fiverr supporter, he said payoneer connection had some issue.  After that, others said that they sent my money to my address correctly.

All is lying and not to try solve the issue. 

Fiverr send wrong withdraw payoneer transaction id when I ask the proof of they sent my money to my payoneer address.

The payoneer support said the transaction that fiverr provided was confirmed in their system but it is not to my address.

It means the fiverr sent my money to other wrong address.

And 3 months ago, I withdrawn my fiverr balance to my payoneer successfully.  This means payoneer connection in fiverr has no issue.

Only this withdraw has critical issue.

The fiverr support is lying. I have asked the detail of the transaction several times. At first, they said they can't share any detail of the withdraw transaction.

After several days of contact, they send then withdrawn transaction detail: the payeed id and transaction id of payoeer transaction id.

But they sent payee id that was created after I had relinked the payoneer with fiverr. One payoneer support said that I need to relink the payoneer account in fiverr when I contact to solve issue, so I did it.

But the fiverr sent this new payee id that was created after this withdraw critical issue. It means they are lying.

When I ask correct transaction detail to fiverr support, they didn't respond for 1 week. I was waiting.  but no response.

Fiverr is responsible. for this withdraw issue.

Fiverr should repay my money and solve this issue.






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