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How to right way Gig ranking?


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On 8/28/2023 at 10:42 PM, noorhossain369 said:

One thing I've noticed though, is that gig impressions keep going up when fiverr is active.

Okay since January 2023, with the increased impressions, you still have not gotten any order?

Then those impressions are nothing if you have not received a single order yet. 😑

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DO Marketing strategically!

Since there are clicks, it indicates your gigs are being presented to buyers... I guess there is some informational issue with the gig description, update those, and change the pricing. DO experiments... But don't alter the price too much.. Wait for a time period and then update.


I hope this might come in handy

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Your title, gig image is good that's why client hit your gig. But why you don't get response from them:

1. Please check your gig description and compare with your competitors gig description.

2. Check your gig pricing, It would be big trouble.

But you can wait some days because all time buyers mentality don't same. If you edit your gig then you will fall down. So please wait..

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1.  Compare your gig pricing, is it very high or very low according to your experience or service or not?

2. Justify that the services you offer in your gig are enough for the client's expectations.

3. If needed, edit your gig and make it simple, unique, and valuable for the readers (client) 

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Optimize Title & Description:

Use clear, keyword-rich titles.
Craft concise, compelling descriptions.
Eye-catching Images:

Upload high-quality, professional images.
Smart Tag Selection:

Choose relevant and popular tags.
Competitive Pricing:

Research and set competitive prices.
Deliver Excellence:

Provide top-notch service for positive reviews.
Implementing these small changes can enhance your gig visibility. Good luck!


Coder Hasan 

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