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Wondering about my first sale?


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Hi there, I’ve been on fiverr for a bit of time now and I am still looking for my first gig. I understand that it can take time but I want my first sale to be good when that time comes. I have two gigs currently, should I add more or wait with these. Also any other tips or things i’m doing wrong please tell m.

Thanks, all help appreciated 😃

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Hi fellow-Fiverr 🙂

I think your gigs are nice. Although if I would consider buying one, I would like it to be a bit longer in duration. Maybe this is one reason why people don’t order. Why don’t you either make it longer or write in your description that if the client wants longer they can order e.g. 2 gigs?

Another reason may be that there are hundreds (?) of other fiverrs doing beautiful intros. So, maybe it is a good idea that you try promoting yourself through your social media.

Anyway, reading this forum on a daily basis and communicating might also bring sales.

The official Fiverr blog has lots of awesome tips on how to promote

all the best 🙂

P.S. just don’t lose your optimistic view - that helps too!

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