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Fiverr gig making procedure


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Although there's a complex algorithm behind Fiverr's gigs ranking process, but here are some of the points regarding gig rankings:

1. No. of orders completed: Number of orders completion on your gig matters a lot when it comes to ranking of your gigs.

2. Conversion Rate: This is a very important point in rankings. Conversion rate means the percentage of clicks that resulted in actual orders. So, whenever you get a message on your gig, make sure to deal with the client in a professional way and try to be useful for him.
3. Positive Reviews: Reviews in general matter a lot, but when it comes to your gigs, it is something very important.
4. Gig description and tags: Another important aspect in ranking your gigs. Make sure you have used relevant tags and description and keep description up to date with your services. 
5. Gig Images and thumbnails: Professional thumbnails can attract clients and can help you rank your gigs.

6. Delivery Time: Make sure to always deliver on time. Late deliveries can de-rank your gigs.

These are some of the factors that are important in rankings. Although there are other factors too like Fiverr levels, and negative reviews. A higher-level increases chances of your gigs to be ranked. And when it comes to Negative reviews, they affect your gig's rankings alot.

I hope this will make a lot of things clear.

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On 8/13/2023 at 4:54 AM, kawsar108 said:

engage with community.

Please don’t engage with community like you just did. It doesn’t help you, it doesn’t bring value to us. And on top of it it’s a misinformation: engaging with community has nothing to do with your gig ranking. 

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Yes, I´m a fan of repeated buyers, really doing my best for them and hope their businesses grow. And same for me when I´m ordering it´s convenient that I don´t have to search along the entire fiverr pool for someone who did the job well before and is understanding what I want and need exactly. 

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6 hours ago, aqsariaz540 said:

Can we directly share the link of my gig to Pinterest or any other platform?

No. If you share a gig link directly on social media, Fiverr considers it spam. Suppose you just share a gig link but no clicks come from it, it won't help your gig. So, Create SEO-friendly gigs and do the gig marketing properly.

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