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Adding a portfolio picture doesn't work on client's side




for some reason, for over a year now, my Live Portfolio Updates are NOT working on some gigs.
I've been in contact with the support and they claim that it's part of an issue they are aiming to solve, but there's no way that is taking so long, especially since everyones gig is working just fine.

I always make sure to attach a preview file to most of my deliveries (see example below) and for this specific example here, I talked to the client and he explicitly tried to attach it to his review, just like his last order and BOTH did not work, even though the little Preview Sample Window even shows me that the uploaded file is being recognized as a preview file.


Matter of fact, the last time it worked was literally over a year ago.

This is not the only time it happened, I am missing a lot of portfolio images/videos with clients who tried to add it didn't end up including the image/video in the review.
Any idea why this is happening?

Thanks in advance!

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