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Landing First Voice Over Gig


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21 minutes ago, greg_marshall9 said:

Hi everyone! Hope you are all well. I'm curious what is the best way to get your first gig with a voice-over account, as I just created one and I want to do voices for peeps.

Thanks for any tips! 

Greg, since you asked here's a few things to work on if you want to get hired. First, develop a serious demo which shows off what you can actually do. The video you have feels like you are just playing at voice over, I would stop trying to do the Movie Trailer voice or silly cartoon voices, and remove those from your gig.  You need a good 60 seconds showing how you would sound reading an actual commercial for a business. I would also not worry about impressions right now. Branch out on those (in separate gigs) after you get some success at straight VO.  Find some straight copy for a plumber, car lot, bar, anything you like and actually present what you VO would sound like. That's where to start.  

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