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My fiverr experience is going sour today


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So I have a customer who placed an order for a logo. So far I have created from scratch over 5 logos for him. He is very very slow to respond. It takes him about 2-3 days to respond and when he does he is unhappy with the work. I don’t get it! My other customers have been so happy with the end result, is this guy picking on me? Is this usual? He calls me names and tells me I suck and that my work is for beginners. I have been doing this for many years, just recently I found out about Fiverr and decided to give it a go. Everything has been fine until now.

I have happily revised 5 completely different logos just for him, all for the same company. I haven’t expressed any type of negative behavior. One thing I did notice is that he cannot speak english too well and seems to yell about everything. Is this normal? I fear for undeserved negative feedback!

Like I said the buyer isn’t quick to respond to questions or final work. It takes him days to respond to a message. The work was automatically marked as complete by Fiverr since the buyer didn’t respond for over 3 days after delivery.

I really want to finish up this order, but it seems like its not going to happen. Is there a way that I can cancel the order, even though it shows completed? Is there a way I can avoid feedback from this guy. I honestly have done 5 gigs worth of work for him, for the $4 I’m getting. I wake up hoping to see that he leaves some good feedback, instead yet another message from him yelling at me. 😦 Is this something I’m going to have to be dealing with on a regular basis on Fiverr?

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