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Gig Extra and Some basic Questions!


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Hi, Everyone, I am new fiverr . I have 5 active gigs. But i don’t know , how to start gig extra? I like to add some gig extra . anyone please , tell me, what should i need to start this extra opportunity?

And my second question is , most of the time , buyer buy my gigs without any information. Even if i text them , they did’t replay . mostly they are all late response.

But in my gig this is clear that, what i need to complete that gig.

3rd question ; if i deliver any gig within time frame (for example : 2 days ), And client reject after my mentioned time (ex: after 5 days ) , then, what can i do?

Should i work again? or just leave it as it is??

4th … For ever gig (5 dolar basic option), how many time should i revised delivery .


Have a nice day.

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