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There is only one image in your Gig and that too very blurry and low quality. Not to mention, I bet these are not the top & best keywords (in your industry) you have selected. It doesn't make sense to use the words "process" and "model" in keywords because they are very general terms. So, do some keyword research on your niche, take your time to create some good and engaging images for your work and also, focus a little on your description.



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6 hours ago, duafatima_uml said:

In which months fiver face high traffic of clients?

Like has been said, Fiverr doesn't seem to give that info, but there are sites that estimated traffic to a site, eg  similarweb (though it only gives the most recent month or 3 estimate for free, and it might not be very accurate).

Fiverr do provide quarterly earnings reports/shareholder letters so you could get quarterly info from that that might give an idea which quarters are the highest earnings (and so possibly which might be higher traffic). They can also give average for spend per buyer and rough active buyer count.

edit: semrush.com gives estimated traffic for a site showing 6 months in their free estimated stats.

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