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How long does it take for a Fiverr Pro Aplication to be reviewed?



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I applied to Fiverr Pro on June 14 (Over 3 months ago), before the changes. I have not received any kind of response. It's pretty sad how Fiverr is treating sellers who have great reviews and great experiences by not responding to their applications or even giving some remarks. Hope someone sees this message. @Shiran.M
This is the application number: 0620125883

Hope someone on Fiverr sees this...

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On 9/25/2023 at 7:13 PM, alex02301 said:

Still have not been contacted or given a response. is this how Fiverr treats its sellers?

If you read the new-ish bits of the site (it was messy and had some broken links since they are revamping the feature) they seem to be talking about some sort of a waitlist instead of proper applications. It's a bit confusing to me as well but I think the rules / way people are invited are changing so it might take longer for certain niches perhaps? 

I got rejected about a month after applying this time.

Wasn't huge on the level of communication either to be honest, the letter was a bit... Impersonal (my profile somehow remained named unknown and instead of being given a reason to the refusal I was urged to apply again once I've improved AND told to (if I don't have one yet) make an account.. I'm a TRS on here so the automated message felt a bit cold? 

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