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An idea for an improved holiday/vacation mode

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Ever since joining Fiverr I have never used the Holiday/Vacation/Unavailable feature. From what I understand, turning it on removes you from the search and makes it so you can't have orders come in. Well, I don't mind answering the odd question when I'm away, even if my response rate is a little lower than usual.

I'd love an option that, when enabled, simply extends all my gig's durations by the period I'm off for. For example, if I offer a voiceover with a 2 day turnaround and I go on holiday for 5 days, it extends all my gigs by 5 days, including the rush order options.

Obviously having longer delivery times will negatively impact orders, impressions and clicks but surely it won't impact things as negatively as having your gigs removed entirely from search?

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