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I am new........got my first sale!


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Guest celticmoon

Congratulations on your first sale! That’s so exciting, isn’t it?

Everyone has different ideas about the number of gigs you should offer. I think that whatever you offer, make sure it’s something you can do well.

Sometimes you can break up your gigs into categories so you can target them to certain audiences. So for you that would mean offering a writing gig on say, new technologies, one on football (American!), one on parenting, another on photography, etc, etc. (I’m just suggesting topics, obviously you would offer topics you know and enjoy). On the other hand, I’ve read other people’s posts say they think that’s not such a good idea! Just remember that you could get slammed with multiple orders on all those gigs, all at the same time…would you be able to manage that?

Good luck~

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well said, celticmoon

filamenafederic, I visited your gigs, I think they look nice.

Most of us had to wait until we got our first sales. After a while here on Fiverr, I believe that there are two (at least) options. One is to create a awesome-original-unique gig that thousnads of people would NEED to use. The other way is to make a series of gigs that alltogether would satisfy the buyers’ needs so they will order 2,3,4 of your gigs to get the job done ( poor buyers 😃 )


Be carefull not to make too similar gigs (in description) and never use the same images. If you do so, your gigs will be denied (at any time) by Fiverr.

wish all the best and lots of sales 🙂

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