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Not receiving orders for my published gigs


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Hello Fiverr Community,


I am not too new Seller at Fiverr as I was registered almost a year ago, and eventually I received two orders too.

As new seller I could publish up-to 7 gigs and I have do so. 

Some of them have average competition focus keywords and 2~3 gigs have very low competition focus and related keywords.

Almost I remain online 24/7 at Fiverr.

I know several Languages and I entered them in my Fiverr Profile too.

I have created facebook page too and shared all my gigs at my facebook page too.

I have plan to run paid campaign at facebook page but yet I have not budget for it.

I am not accepting too much prices for my gigs, I set prices as many other sellers are demanding for their similar gigs/services

1 or 2 gigs also appear on first page while I search my focused keywords in Fiverr as a buyer with apply 'online filter', even I am not receiving orders.


Could anyone audit my profile and suggest me that what should I need to improve?


Finally I am looking 😤 forward to hearing from you.



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I was missed a point in previous submission.
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