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Add an option to limit to the number of characters, that a buyer can request to be used.

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One form of a Gig requirement is the "free text" field.

Could you please add an option where sellers can limit the number of characters that buyers can request to be added to videos?

Logo animations or greeting cards often can accomodate ONLY 10 - 30 characters comfortably. Using more letters than that means the whole text must be made smaller in order to fit. This makes readabilty worse, which then leads to friction when fulfilling orders since buyers natuarlly expect the same level of readability like in the gig preview video (that has less and larger) text).

For example, the greeting on my Boris Johnson Happy Birthday video becomes pretty unintelligible when a client requests a message longer than ~35 symbols. However I have no way to limit the length of the text before an order is placed.

So a buyer orders the video and requests to include an 80-character message. Then I have to contact that buyer to inform them about the less than optimal readability. Then they have to decide if they like it or come up with a different, shorter text... This back and forth is generally a nuisance to buyers, which in turn negatively affects their experience.

I hope you'd look into an option for us to predetermine how much text can be ordered.

Attaching some images to illustrate what I mean.

Thanks and best regards.


too much text.jpg

option to limit the text.jpg

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