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A couple of days ago I made a tiny change to my gig video. I literally just changed a single image, which I was planning to make my new thumbnail. I made the change before going to bed and woke up to messages telling me that I had to modify my gig. I was confused but I have had to make little tweaks before in the past, so I didn't think much of it.

I checked it out and, for whatever reason the trust and safety team had flagged my gig video and description because I mention zoom. Now, I exclusively use Fiverr's own zoom integration and provide no links to get in touch outside of the platform. The only link I included was a link to the zoom website that allows a user to jump into a test call to verify they can get connected before our meeting. It's a useful way to verify everything's working without wasting time in our meeting. It's important to note that this link does not provide any way for them to contact me off-platform.

Despite this, I removed this link as requested and resubmitted only to be asked to remove the link (which I had already removed).

I then proceeded to reword all mentions of "zoom" to "Fiverr's Zoom integration", so as to be extremely clear that I was NOT soliciting communication off-platform.

Anyway, I resubmitted it and my gig was then marked as "Denied". I don't know why it kept getting flagged even after I had made the changes. Maybe there was a bug in the system and the trust and safety rep wasn't getting the update. I don't know.

So, I had never heard of a "Denied" gig before but I soon learned that this meant my gig had been removed and COULD NOT be restored. At this point I became very worried! I have 20 gigs on Fiverr and this particular gig probably makes up about 70% of my earnings historically. It was also Fiverr's Choice in its category and had over 100 five star reviews, and a couple at 4.7. Basically, losing this gig would be like going back in time 3 years and starting again.

Now, here's the point of this post – Customer Support don't always get the best rap and I wanted to tell this story because I was genuinely looked after like I have never experienced on Fiverr before.

I messaged them as soon as I could but I was very concerned that it was a futile endeavour. All the help pages I could find told me that Denied gigs cannot be restored. This is so engrained in the support process that there was no way to even ask for help on this. I had to actually report it as a different issue just so I could raise a ticket.

I waited a few hours and then got a message that my enquiry had been forwarded onto the relevant team. Then, minutes later, my gig was alive again! All my reviews were there, the Fiverr's Choice badge had returned and my gig was ranked in about the same spot in search as it had been before. It had also been approved immediately without any other flags, so it was obviously clear to the person looking at it, that there was no issues with the content within my gig.

This was a masterclass in simple, basic customer service. Within minutes of picking up my ticket, it was resolved and I breathed an enormous sigh of relief.

As a note for any sellers too, I did notice that it flagged my gig title, which had never been an issue before. I have a training certification, which was in my title. Considering the new "Certified" thing Fiverr just announced/released, I think it was taking issue with my title mentioning that I hold a certification. It only gave me a very vague "this title does not match our guidelines" message (or words to that effect) but once I removed mention of the certification that flag disappeared. Just one to be aware of if any of you have certifications that you mention in your gig.

I'm not mad this happened. Mistakes happen, technical glitches happen. It was the resolution that I want to celebrate. – Thank you Fiverr Support!

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