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How do I get people to buy my art as I am starting out?



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35 minutes ago, skategod2010 said:

I just started out on Fiverr and my gig is selling sketches but as I realized people won't buy from me if I don't have good reviews, but in order to get good reviews I need people to buy my product. What should I do?

You're right, to make your first order organically from fiverr is need time and you have to follow many rules. So to make you first order quickly you have to promote your gig in social media platform like LinkedIn, quora etc. It's help you to reach your target client or you can directly contact your client from outside of fiverr. When you convince a buyer to buy your service they don't see your reviews. Because they know you, they don't know other freelancers. So make gig more attractive give time to fiverr and marketing your gig help you to get your order really fast.

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