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Could any friend help me to rank my gig


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If you're offering a service that includes proofreading then I'd change the title of your gig.

The title "I will content writing ,proof reading ,translation ,blog posts" doesn't sound correct grammatically (maybe it needs a verb near the start). Also usually you'd have a space after commas not before them.

The image that gets shown for your gig is a video thumbnail but it's rotated 90 degrees to the right so it can't be seen properly and the writing is too small to see clearly from the profile page (if you wanted them to see it) and when you play the video it's still rotated 90 degrees and it's a bit unsteady.

Also near the end of your description you say "Connect with me through Fiverr messages or Facebook". But you could get in trouble (eg. an account warning) if you contacted them off site.

Also we don't have much control over ranking but you could add another search tag if you wanted. They probably prioritize higher level sellers or those who have recently had orders though.

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