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We went on a web (ok, Tiktok) search for the best free (at least for now) tools to make your logo design work fun and easy, here’s what we found-




Free tools for color palettes-

  • Pigment by ShapeFactory - play with pigments of color. color combinations based on your preference of lighting and pigment

  • Color Hunt - discover and save new palettes by style (vintage, retro etc)

  • Coolors

  • Couleur.io - create and harmonize palettes

  • Color mind - generate new pallets from pictures (and a lot more features for website designers!)

  • Huemint - machine learning to create unique color schemes


Full body poses


full head references with options to move around and set the lighting

  • Head model studio (app) - free version is limited but could be sufficient for logo posing


Animal skeleton reference-


3D Element references-




Which one was your favorite?

You have more to share, write them in the comments

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Thank you for sharing this valuable resource list for logo design tools! It's great to see how the creative community is supporting each other by making these tools accessible and free. I'm particularly intrigued by the font pairing options, color palette generators, and the various pose references for both humans and animals. Tools like these truly make logo design work more enjoyable and efficient. Kudos to you for spreading the word and helping fellow designers enhance their creative process! 🎨🖌️

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