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Trust and Safety actions – I need help ASAP.



I woke up to a message telling me that I needed to update my gig and, did exactly what was asked of me and each time I resubmitted the gig they told me that I needed to make the change I had already made.

My gig has now been denied and it is the most successful gig I have on Fiverr. Probably accounting for 60 or 70% of my work in the last 3 years.

I don’t know whether this was a platform issue, where they weren’t seeing the changes I was making or if they were rejecting my gig for other reasons and not telling me, but regardless, this is absolutely and unquestionably a mistake (or misunderstanding)

To be specific, they were taking issue with the fact that I reference zoom in my gig. At no point did I share any zoom contact details and I only use the Fiverr zoom integration, which is provided by and within the platform.

The second time I got rejected, to be as clear as possible, I reworded it to specifically mention the Fiverr zoom integration so there could be absolutely no doubt that I was not telling buyers to communicate off-platform.

I need the Fiverr team to review this as a matter of urgency as this will make a significant impact on my freelance work.

I don’t understand why such a successful gig can be so quickly deleted?

I would greatly appreciate any advice that can be offered by the community or Fiverr team.

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