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Essential tips on how to get the most out of your $5


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I’m on Fiverr since 2011 and I’m both a seller and a buyer.

Ever since I have purchased about 200 different gigs. Since I own several quite popular websites, I was looking particularly for SEO gigs (however, I am aware that I can’t buy miracles for $5… especially when it comes to the SEO, marketing world), video testimonials (bachas85 is the best for this, in my opinion - just because she’s so natural), some graphic creative stuff… and even Halloween after effects.

Now, being a seller as well and dealing with a wide range of buyer personality types, here are a few tips that will make - hopefully - a difference when it comes to your experience as a buyer on Fiverr:

  1. Well, I really don’t wanna sound sarcastic or something, but Fiverr is a marketplace where the base for everything is $5. Now, don’t expect very very very much for $5.

    It all shrinks down to the value of time for every seller. Would you work… let’s say… 10 hours for five bucks? I thought so. 🙂

    I saw buyer requests like (there’s a special section for that): “Build me an entire website (for $5)” or “Create me an astonishing WP custom theme”, etc. These requests (again, in my opinion) are just absurd, they’re like "Build me a golden Eiffel Tower in 1 day!!!"

    So, search for what you want and read carefully the selected GIG titles to match to what you’re looking for.
  2. Now that Fiverr implemented the brand new filtering system, you can just narrow your search as much as you want.

    I know you’re tempted to check out only the top rated sellers, or the sellers with the most positive reviews. But take 5 minutes and read the negative reviews a specific seller has (often, you’ll see among 3k positive reviews 10 or 20 negative reviews such as “Failed to deliver on time”. That’s an automatic feedback generated when a seller fails to deliver an order in the specified time frame… so I wouldn’t really consider that as a negative feedback.)

    It’s a bit paradoxical, but often level 1 sellers offer way better services than higher level sellers and the logic is simple. A newbie will struggle to “climb the mountain” and there are many chances he’ll do his very best to please you. 🙂
  3. Read carefully the GIG description to avoid future disputes, nerves, argues, lost time, etc. The most… interesting part is what is offered in the basic gig. Now, every seller’s intention is to sale more. Many sellers place the goodies in the extras.
  4. If you have any questions, prior to ordering a GIG, don’t hesitate and contact the seller. Most will answer you in no time now that the responsiveness clock is ticking. 🙂
  5. Be polite and specific. You can negotiate with many sellers if you really want.
  6. Do not give any seller your e-mail address, phone number or send payments outside of Fiverr. The seller has a report button and you’re account will be terminated most likely.
  7. Read the necessary instructions after successfully ordering a GIG. Be as specific as you can so the seller can figure out exactly what you want. It’s easier for both of you.
  8. Try to avoid sending every 2-3 hours messages to the seller like “are you done yet, are you done yet?”. Every GIG has a maximum delivery time and that’s the time frame the seller has to fit in. And each seller might have several orders ahead of of you, so be patient.
  9. After the seller delivers the work you paid for, review the work, ask for revisions if you feel like it (however, be realistic… don’t ask for dramatic degrees changes - there are buyers and certain niches like logo or banner creators and after delivery some buyers reply with “I don’t like it!” and that’s all. Be at least more specific, what you’d like, give an example, specify what colors, fonts, style to use etc.).

  10. 99% of all sellers will make adjustments to their delivery, until you’ll really pleased. IF you’re 100% satisfied with the work - LEAVE a 5 Star feedback. Your feedback helps them sometimes more than the order itself (on a long term). Of course, if the seller is not cooperative, is rude or something, than yeah, rate him accordingly so other buyers know. But as long as everything went OK, take a few seconds and click on those stars.

  11. Just because the world is not perfect or you have personal life issues, don’t leave 3 or 4 stars feedback stating that no one deserves 5 stars (Yup, happened to me 🙂 )

    Hope it helps!


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