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Lost my early payout feature, Fiverr support can’t explain.



For the first time in about two and a half years, I lost the early pay out feature. Naturally, I was confused, when I’ve done nothing differently, broken no rules, my gig is considered best selling in my category. I contacted fiverr (thought it was a glitch or maybe they’re working on the feature) for answers and even after they reviewed my account, they couldn’t explain why the system did it. I’m fine waiting for the money, I wasn’t concerned with the feature, I was concerned with what prompted the change. They had no answers at all. 

While I love working on Fiverr, I’ve got over 200+ five star reviews and countless return clients, I continue to believe (every year) that the system isn’t actually designed for the sellers and works against us most of the time.  

Anyone else experience this?

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Yes, same here. They divided the seller plus into 2 plans. Standard and Premium, and for some reason I can't get the Premium Plan, only Standard. And with Standard you have the money in 7 days, as you usually had with Level 2. But now, level 2 is almost the same as level 1. You can receive your money in 14 days (level 1 and 2). Bad thing.

I know Fiverr is changing a lot of things, incorporating Neo for Buyers to get to special sellers. And I feel like moved aside by the system. My rating is 5 stars, 130 reviews, surpassed the 20k hopping to get into the Top Rated group. Now they changed te requirement to 10k. 

I understand these changes are better for the company, but I don't think is too good for us sellers.

In my case, the early payout was perfect, because this is my main income.

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