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Buyer is asking to cancel the order

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Hey Everyone.

I provide Video Editing services and I received a message from buyer that he want captions on 10 Videos. I asked him what kind of caption style he want and in reply he said exactly like the projects I have done earlier (Displayed on my Gig Portfolio). After agreeing on certain amount I asked him again are you sure you Alex Hormozi style captions and he said yes after that I sent him the custom offer. He accepted it and send me 5 videos instead of 10 and said to send him 1 video asap. I edited the first video and sent it to him. After sending him he wasn't replying to me. I got a message from him to extend the delievery date and after extending it now he is cancelling the order. What should I do now??


I have contacted the CS but I wanted to ask other freelancers here too!

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