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kindly check my gig and inform me about lacks in my gig?


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To get impressions, it's crucial to ensure your gig is relevant and that you're delivering high-quality work. Your visibility is based on your performance, and that of your competition.

If you're receiving a good amount of impressions but few clicks, it's likely that there are issues with your gig title (not catchy enough or not relevant enough) or your visuals, like your gig image or video, might be unattractive, outdated, cluttered, or unengaging. Remember, first impressions matter.


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1) Make sure that your gig image, video, and description are really good and eye-catching.

2) Do the Image SEO and add relevant keywords.

3) Share your gig on different social media.

4) Try to bring some clients and highly satisfy them with your work.

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