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July is Almost over


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July and Our 6 Month on Fiverr is almost Complete 🙂

We joined Fiverr Abut Half Year ago in January , And we have Loved every bit of it since 🙂

I had a Confidence and i mentioned it everywhere , that i think that FoxSquare might be able to Get there 500th Order by the end of this Month (Still not there , still one day to go 🙂 ) And we really hope that we reach this mile stone 🙂

Wish Us luck , and Go check out our gigs to see a mirror of our story on fiverr 🙂

And cant For get to Mention to Thank ALLAH for Helping us to our way here 🙂

Comment on how is your journey in fiverr so far ? 🙂

Team FoxSquare

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