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How can i get more impressions and clicks?


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Actually i signed up fiverr in 2021, but i couldn't be active due to my studies. Anyway now i can pay my whole attention here. i already published 2 gigs and i am trying to get my 1st order. so, what do you  suggest me to grow my account ?

Screenshot (85).png

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This is my 1st gig on fiverr. It is about creating custom royal portrait arts. There are only 167 services available. So i think the competition is lower. And i shared my gig on facebook, instagram and quora. Admins of some groups declined my post and some members blamed me. I think i have no any idea to find the best places to share this. Is boosting some posts by paying social medias a good idea ? Or what can i do fore more?

My gig images are attached. What are the mistakes?

Screenshot (89).png

Screenshot (90).png

Screenshot (91).png

Screenshot (92).png

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