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How to get the quality work on fiverr


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Hi all! I am a seller on fiverr for more than 4 months now and my specialty is writing. I am a poet and wordsmith, and I offer diverse writing services on fiverr. In the course of my ambitious entrepreneurship on fiverr, I served many buyers and I came to know what exactly results in a mess for a buyer and a seller. In short, many times if a buyer and a seller do not end up on mutual cancellation, both of them go unhappy; a buyer goes with something he didn’t ask for and a seller goes with bad rating. I think that sometimes wrong choice as well as lack of communication proves to be very detrimental for a buyer. From my experience on fiverr, I am going to share some tips with buyers, following which, they can safely contact a person they need and they can get the work as they want.

  1. Narrow down your selection: You need to pinpoint the person and the skills you need. For example, if you are a student and you want a seller to write your 1000 words research paper for you, choosing a professional content writer would be a bad idea. Let’s imagine that you spotted a seller named as “writaholic” and you see that he has a gig for creative writing where he is offering academic work, and he also has a gig for content writing. Now, before you blindly order his creative writing gig, please apply some due diligence. If you see that he has been mostly selling his content writing gig and his creative writing gig does not have more than a few or zero sales, it’s better to try some experienced creative writer unless you are impressed by the former’s gig description. Likewise, looking for a good sales copy writer in content writing section is also a big mistake; you should instead be in the Copywriting section. Just because you are in the Writing & Translation, doesn’t mean that you have knocked on the right door, you need to find the exact section and find the best suitable seller there.

  2. Be clear in mind: Many times, buyers are not clear in their minds, as to what exactly they want a person to do. They would choose a seller and order with ambiguous instructions, as a result, the seller delivers something which is a result of confusion and lack of communication. So be sure, what exactly do you want to get from a seller; busy sellers do not have time to confirm minor details.

  3. Be specific: I know a person who ordered my gig and told me that there would be many orders in the future. He wanted short ads and the only thing I missed was that I did not mention one not too important thing; he never mentioned that it was needed or it was so important. As a result, we had to mutually cancel that order. So, not only you should be clear in your mind while choosing an appropriate seller, but you should convey all of the details which you deem necessary for your order. A seller does not have any other way to know what to do, unless you guide them. Be as clear in your mind as you can and be as specific while ordering the gig as you can.

  4. Be available: I would suggest all active buyers to download the fiverr app on your cellphone. Yes, it is not only good for sellers but a buyer can also easily keep in touch with his seller, through this app. One of the biggest mistakes which dissatisfied buyers make, is to order the gig and then disappear. I have tackled with such buyers as well who gave little to no description of what they wanted and who disappeared and never responded to questions, until they had to come to fiverr to receive what they ordered. Even if you think that you were very specific when you defined what exactly you wanted, give some time to seller so as he can completely digest the idea of what you want from him. His clarity of mind is even more important than your clarity of mind. So after ordering a gig, make sure that you are available to help seller with understanding what you want.

    5: Be responsive and be nice: It is a matter with almost all of my clients, I have to ask them certain questions to be very sure as to what do they want. Most of them reply politely and timely because they know that I do not ask questions to bother them, but to professionally and timely deliver what they want. So, be nice and kind to your sellers and be ready to answer their questions. After all, they are working for you and satisfying them will satisfy you in return.

    6: Give a chance: It happened a few times to me that a buyer asked for mutual cancellation because I failed to understand what exactly they wanted. Instead of getting disappointed, I mostly asked them to define again, what exactly they wanted and give me a chance to make my work better. Amazingly, in the second attempt, most buyers explained exactly what they needed and I managed to deliver as they wanted. Don’t forget that Hemingway said, “The first draft of anything is shit.” Don’t forget that while Hemingway wrote, it was only his mind and aspirations at work, to the contrary when you give an order, there are two minds at work and a mistake is highly likely. Always be ready to give a chance to a seller if he fails to deliver what you want.

    I hope these tips will be very helpful and our temporary bosses coming on fiverr, will easily find the best suitable sellers for themselves. I request fellow sellers on fiverr to share their experiences with us and give some more tips to help our potential bosses. Regards.
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