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Creating Gig thumbnails, and critiquing my own


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So i've begun creating my own thumbnails for my Animation services - I have gigs for creating a music video, creating an advert and a more general 2d aniamted video. I feel its important for me to have a thumbnail that demonstrates my skill while keeping it interesting to click on.

For a test, I created 3 different thumbnails, trying to figure out what hits more and before i kind of show my conclusion, I wanted to know your guy's opinions on these thumbnails.

The animated advert thumbnail was done super quickly, and I will be redoing that because that character design is not too appealing at all.

I'm happy to hear any harsh feedback or just general, generic opinions on these thumbnails.

Thanks, Nudders

FiverrThumbnail Advert.png

FiverrThumbnail MV gig 2.png

VideoAnimationFiverr optimised.png

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So the most simplest thumbnail had resulted in way more clicks - that's the generic animation thumbnail. And although I spent the most time on the music video thumbnail, it performs just as well as the advert thumbnail - which I honestly thought would perform a decent bit better. 

Black font does seem to be a no go area. And the complexity of the music video thumbnail is definitely not something to do - however the format is probably something to keep exploring for me personally. In the end, high contrast with your most important features being the brightest is probably best. 

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