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Does fiverr counts my own clicks?



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Hey @ahasamaservices Fiverr will not count your Own Clicks, Sometimes it is necessary to check the gig by Seller, To see how the Images or Videos or Thumbnails look. So There is nothing wrong to check your Gig but you should not be regularly opening it without any obvious reasons. And Fiverr will not Count your own Clicks.


Some People are suggesting to open your Own gig in Incognito Mode or from Different Devices to get more Clicks, I DO NOT Recommend you doing it. Becuase if you click your gig from Incognito Mode then it might increase your Clicks, but it will decrease your conversion (Order Ratio) rate.

Moreover it is considered as a Unethical Method to do this and I think It is Against Fiverr TOS to promote or get click on your Gig through fake/unethical methods.


Just Try hard, Focus on Best Gig making and increase your Skills - You will for sure Get desired Orders.


Hope this Helps 🙂



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