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What is your reaction when you get your first order?

Guest nahid874

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First orders most times feel like your team winning the Premier League🤣. But that's where the main business comes in you will have to keep giving in your best to deliver premium services and on time, if not, you will lose that feeling in a day.

Best advice, remember this words, it's always business first. Kill dopamine as early as possible and do all within your power to avoid early gratification.

Good luck! Shalom! 

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On 7/31/2023 at 12:54 AM, mohsin222507 said:

Take one skill and apply this to earn. Open one Gig and it will rank soon so you will get orders. Write proper description of your service for the clients Are you from Bangladesh?

Thank you very much for such important advice😊. yep. I'm from Bangladesh.

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