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For you animators over here, how much did you charge for your first client?


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Hello. I am very new to this and I want to give the right price that doesn't scare the client of and also doesn't rip me off at the same time. I am hoping to start my freelancing and I just got a client on UpWork. The task is to make a video on Anti-school shootings. 

Now, I sent a 5 min video that was just a montage of free videos and he loves it. Now he is asking me if I can make an additional one about prevention, this time a 5 min animation. 

Issue is, the original post he made had an hourly payment rate and he states he wants to do a flat rate instead. I'm conflict, because first, I really need the money and second I want to start building a reputation. 

What is a good fixed rate for this? I'm thinking of charging him $1,200. You think this is too much or should i go a bit higher? 
How much did you charge your first client?

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