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Fiver down for Asia region?


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I am in India and I have been getting the attached error for some time today, and still not resolved. I was totally unable to use fiverr, and putting all blame to Fiverr, until I realised I have a VPS in Europe area, and when logged into fiverr from there, its all working. So it seems that the CDN provider of fiverr is having some issues with their SG node.

Fiverr, time re-evaluate your CDN provider… why not stick only to Cloudfront?

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fiverr has only one server, as far as I know (doesnt make sense to have multiple servers and on top have CDN).

So if Fiverr’s server works from Europe area, why doesnt it work from Asia?

You could argue Fiverr server’s DNS is crappy from Asia, but I doubt that. Check the response times on that IP.

This is purely cloudflare fault. I have seen this problem with many other websites running on cloudflare. Its easy for cloudflare to put the blame on client because they own the DNS on that domain, and can show any customized error they wish.

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