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orders just stopped coming in?


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hi! i used to do fiverr a lot during 2020, but i recently started selling again around last month in 2023. during my first month or so, my impressions were fantastic, and after about a week or so, i got my first order! i was quite happy and soon received a few other orders.

but after the fifth order... silence. checked my impressions recently on my gig and i noticed that my impressions were at a flat zero! i

ended up editing my gig description by chance a few days ago, and from then on, my gig impressions went up. it wasn't by a lot, but at least it wasn't at zero anymore. it also said "metadata updated", if anyone could explain to me what this means that would be very helpful 

but it has been almost a month and i haven't had a single order. is there anything i am doing wrong? is there something i need to change in my gig/profile to get more impressions and thus orders? i've tried changing my tags to something similar that the top gigs similar voice work as me are tagged with. is there more i need to do?

thank you very much for reading and i highly appreciate any help someone provides! :D

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