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How to get my first order?


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42 minutes ago, hasnain_473 said:

I am waiting for this feeling when i get my first order anyone can help me for this 

Instead of just waiting for the new order, you can invest your time in understanding Fiverr and polishing the skills you have. I recommend you the Online Freelancing Essentials: Be A Successful Fiverr Seller.  It is an efficient and free course to understand the Fiverr marketplace and how it works. It will help you. You can access that course from the following link:


Have a nice day! 


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  • hasnain_473 changed the title to I Completed My First Month Or More time In Fiverr. Please Given Some best tips for order?
Just now, hasnain_473 said:

Can someone tell me when I will get the order?

Unfortunately, none of us can predict when you will get an order (or if you will even get one).

Orders aren't guaranteed here on Fiverr. Some sellers will get their first order within days, others take weeks, months, or years. Some sellers may never get an order.

Just like any business, you have to first attract buyers to your gig, then you have to convince them to order from you. Your ability to get impressions and convert them to clicks and orders will determine how well you do on Fiverr.

Here are several articles that can help you understand what you should focus on when building your business on Fiverr:






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28 minutes ago, hasnain_473 said:

i am waiting for my order but i don't get my order

With zero portfolio shown via gig gallery, there are less chances that you will get any order. As per your personal description, you have mentioned that you have 4 years of experience then add some of your work via images/PDF/Video in gig gallery.

You are SEO Expert so you can use your expertise for your own gigs as well I guess. 

Some of your text content in your gig images are cut-off plus you have added too much text in your images which is kind of distracting for buyers (including me too). Reduce the content and focus on adding some of your work.

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