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Order cancel when my money cleared from Fiverr.

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Subject: Urgent Appeal for Review of Customer Cancellation Refund

Dear Customer Support Team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to urgently appeal for a review of the recent cancellation and refund decision regarding an order on your platform. I am deeply distressed by the outcome of this situation, as it has resulted in an unjust financial loss and severe damage to my reputation as an honest seller on Fiverr.

1- How long does it take for final Decision about my money?

2-How to Know the final decision already my account suspend?

3-This is too much injustice to me my 4 year struggled become zero within 3 mints.

4-one Fiverr account near to level 2. you made suspend it.

5-now this account also near to level 2 made suspend. Due to cancel my fund after 17 days. This platform not seem good for me more. But Now I need my money how to get it. I don't have any contact of my client to contact him. 

6-If my client not happy with delivery this is too much impossible because before the order i show to him a sample and then he agree with me and I provide too much low charge. 

7- I am pretty sure this order canceled from your side by mistake then you don't have any clearance to me so that's why first you remove my Gig. and then you suspend my account.

8-Now I don't care my account now I just want my money return Kindly let me know how to get my money Return and how much time take more?

9- I am contacting on every platform to you but your supporter team not respond to me on time first time Support team timely respond when I told him my story then your support team become silent and told me you have to contact on e-mail. I contact on e-mail 50+ but still no respond.


Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to a prompt and equitable resolution to rectify the injustices I have experienced.



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