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I am learning MS Excel and have learnt 

  • Cleaning and formatting data
  • Data splitting
  • Pivot Tables
  • Dashboards
  • Converting PDF to EXCEL
  • Finding difference BTW two Excel sheets
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Power Query
  • Excel Functions etc.

    I want to work for free for the sellers to gain some experience
    How can I do this?

Pdf to excel.xlsx Differenciate btw two sheets (Conditional formating).xlsx Data splitting pivots.xlsx Excel Project Dataset.xlsx

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23 minutes ago, coder_elina said:

Yes, That's a great initiative to gain some hands-on experience. But, while working for free can be a good way to gain experience, you should not undervalue your skills and work. Once you have enough confidence and experience, don't hesitate to start charging for your services. 

Finally, check Fiverr's terms and conditions. Some platforms do not allow offering services for free, so you may need to charge a minimal amount.

Thank You

Just a bit of advice, content written by AI is prohibited on the forum. It is odd that all your forum posts are grammatically perfect, yet when one looks at how you write in your own voice (like these 3 reviews you responded to) you obviously struggle with English.


Perfectly doing this tasks but can't understand why this negative. 20 days+ worked on there.

I've purchased a premium theme on my own cost and he promise me he'll give this balance. But he betrayed and put down 3 star. Last 2 man is destroy my career. It's so much pressure for me now. I can't understand why he put down this. 

Already done this job perfectly but can't understand what happens!!



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