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I'm seo expert but im new at Fiverr market place. So i don’t get any order from fiverr. But now i'm in very big problem 

If i don’t get any order, there will no hope for me. I have done lots of work. Rank 4 website from out of fiverr market place. 

I seen there are lots of seller doing complete seo 900-1800 $. But i will do complete seo only for 500. I know my work is quality full dut i will do only for 500 $. I'm providing lots premium service in low price only for buyers order. But my work is quality full.IMG_20230726_170928.thumb.jpg.780ee56f9e5ebbc69e6ce292dfd0826b.jpg

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28 minutes ago, parvejhossen606 said:

Lots of seller posting there gig on fiverr forums 

They violated the forum rules too. Even if a lot of people do self-promotion, it does not mean that they are right. Most new sellers and new on the forum do it without reading the forum rules.

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