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Please give me Advice how to get order regularly!


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9 hours ago, freelancerjoty said:


  I'm currently doing Image editing & retouching work. How can I Be a professional Graphic Designer? And how can I also improve my communication level in Englilsh?

I think you have to make new gigs almost 7 you can create more than one gig in the same category but in a different niche or a small(sub-category niche) and for English you can learn English for free on youtube.com

Happy earning

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Don't relay only on Fiverr for orders. I would suggest you to promote your gigs on social media, One way to do it is joining related coumunities (such as facebook groups) to your service > answer queries and offer your service if they want someone to do it   

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What is the most demandable Graphics Design Category?

I know Adobe Photoshop Tools well and some photo editing, and retouching work. In the present situation, I can't select the right category of  Graphics Design for me. Because This is a large field for work. I want to be a Creative Graphics Designer. Any kind person can help me with this situation? 

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