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Why my impressions decreases gradually ?


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A lot of people say "stay online" and "be active in the forum" but the honest truth is none of this matters with gig ranking. Every user on Fiverr sees different search results, and Fiverr values buyer's hidden reviews which happen after an order is complete, so always be sure to deliver your best work, answer people timely, have good SEO on your gig (only keywords that relate to the service you sell) and be professional and polite. Consistency is key, that's all! 

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5 hours ago, talhajamil988 said:

May I ask how long it took for you to receive your first order 

May I ask why you wish to know?

5 hours ago, talhajamil988 said:

 and how many impressions do you receive on a daily basis?

My answer to this wouldn't help you, since my gigs are in completely unrelated categories.

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On 9/23/2023 at 1:48 PM, talhajamil988 said:

Could you please take a look at my gig?



I am looking but what benefit will you get from it? only one click right? Bro, it is not the right strategy to improve your gig see your 

response time 7 hours it's too bad

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