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Is this normal or...?

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4 hours ago, juricatomic said:

Right when I got some exposure on Fiverr my impressions are cut drastically! I had no negative reviews or any problems. Is this considered normal on fiverr or I'm getting shadow banned? I wonder what can I do to get back on the track?


Buyers can leave both a public and private review after their order. So, while you might think you didn't get any negative reviews, your stats imply that you did. The private review counts for more than the public one, as far as I know. 

The best thing you can do is to work with regular buyers and impress them. Under-promise, over-deliver. If you have some regular buyers that you know are happy with your work, you can ask them to answer any surveys sent by Fiverr after the order. I usually ask in my delivery message so I don't have to bother them with a separate message. Just remember: never ask for positive feedback or five-star reviews or try to influence their feedback in any way! 

Beyond that, you can avoid negative reviews by not extending deadlines, delivering early, going out of your way to do more than what is asked of you, anticipating buyer needs, and ensuring you qualify every buyer before you start working with them. Proper vetting and ensuring you're on the same page before beginning can avoid misunderstandings. 

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